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Frequently Asked Questions

- Which sizes are available?

XXXL:  ca 48 cm high and 76 cm long / Weight ± 20 kilo.
XL:  ca 24 cm high and 38 cm long / Weight ± 2 kilo.
Large:  ca 18 cm high and 29 cm long / Weight ± 1,5 kilo.
Medium keramiek:  ca 11 cm high and 16 cm long / Weight ± 0,5 kilo
Medium Resin: ca 9,5 cm high and 15 cm long / Weight ± 0,5 kilo
Small: ca 3,5 cm high and 7 cm long / Weight ± 0,2 kilo.

Not all cows are produced in ALL sizes. Only a selcted part of the collection is available in all sizes.

- How long will it take for my cow to arrive?

We ship every cow that is ordered on working days before 16.00 o'clock (CET), the time that it will take to arrive is different per country and also depends on customer regulation. We can give you an estimate based on experience if you like. Please contact us at

- Can I follow the moooovement of my cow when it is shipped?

As soon as have send the cow you will receive a Track & Trace number with wich you can follow the delivery of your cow.

- What material is the cow made off?

All large and small cows are made from Poly Resin, in the medium sizes we have a collection that is made of Poly Resin and a collection that is made of ceramic. The medium ceramic cows are the only cows that are not hand painted.

- Right of Return.

If the cow for some reason is not according to your expectation you can always send the cow back as long as it nog damaged and in the original packaging. We will refund the purchase amount within 14 days (note: this is excluding the shipping costs).

- My cow is damaged.

We check every cow before we send it. However adventures on their trip may result in damage. If your cow arrives damaged please contact us via so we can sort out the best solution.

- How do I take care of my cow?

To make sure you can enjoy your cow for a long long time in its full glory you need to take of her. We recommend not to put the cow in direct sunlight, this might damage the paint or over time change the colours, to prevent the cow from getting dusty we recommend to whipe the cow every once in a while with a dry cloth.

- I have another question?!

Let us know and we will do our best to answer it

- Important: Withdrawel form

As EU customer you have the right to withdraw from your purchase withing 14 day. Therefore we offer you this withdrawel from. After receiving this for we as webshop are obligated to refind your purchase amount within 14 days after we have received the product back without any damages to the product and the box itself. If you want to do it simple and fast please feel free to email us at